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CTS Compression Kit - Red SB40052-00

CTS Compression Kit - Red SB40052-00

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CTS Compression Kit - Red SB40052-00

Race with mildness

The Red valve is designed for a rather special setup. In the race context, we tend to favour a very progressive setting and maybe sacrifice a bit of comfort. With the Red valve you get a racing setup at high speeds combined with great comfort at low speeds. It’s particularly suitable for those riders which have a fairly central riding position on the bike, and who have basically a very smooth style. The Red valve is the “keep-the-momentum” race option.

With the Compression Tuning System (CTS) you can change the way the damping of your Formula fork works. The 7 available CTS valves all have a specific damping behaviour for different intended use . So you can tune your fork from a comfortable touring fork to a tight race fork. Since the CTS inserts can be exchanged within 5 minutes, you can also adapt your fork to different track conditions on race day. 


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Engineered by Formula. Supplied by Elro.

We are proud to be the official UK distributor for Ride Formula. We only supply directly from the factory based in Italy, so you can ride easy knowing you have genuine Formula products.