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Selva CTS Compression Pack SB40226-00

Selva CTS Compression Pack SB40226-00

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Selva CTS Compression Pack SB40226-00

The CTS Pack expands the tuning options of your fork dramatically. Finally, you get what you’ve always been looking for: full control over your fork. Changing the damping of your fork with the CTS enables you to get something that a simple knob can’t deliver.

The CTS range consists of seven valves that transform the way your fork behaves. These are not modifications effected through the use of traditional external controls. The CTS valve is a fundamental structural part of the hydraulic cartridge, changing the valve means changing the cartridge itself, modifying fork’s behaviour.


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Engineered by Formula. Supplied by Elro.

We are proud to be the official UK distributor for Ride Formula. We only supply directly from the factory based in Italy, so you can ride easy knowing you have genuine Formula products.