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Cura Brake - Gold FD94175-CG

Cura Brake - Gold FD94175-CG

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Formula starts a new era with the Cura disc brake. This is the first fully hydraulic disc brake of the tradition-rich Italian manufacturer that uses mineral oil as a brake medium instead of the DOT fluid. Yet, this is not the only fundamental change compared to prior generations of Formula brakes. The brake lever, too, is a completely new development and now comes with an axial master cylinder, which is made of forged and anodized aluminium, just as the two-piece brake caliper. Two over-size pistons with 24 mm diameter inside the brake caliper provide the Cura with exceptional braking power, especially for a 2-piston brake, which expands its area of use even to MTB Downhill. What’s more, the Cura looks really good indeed.



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Engineered by Formula. Supplied by Elro.

We are proud to be the official UK distributor for Ride Formula. We only supply directly from the factory based in Italy, so you can ride easy knowing you have genuine Formula products.