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Formula Nebbia Air Shock

Formula Nebbia Air Shock

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Nebbia Key Features

Easy to set up:
Frequency sag indicator allows for quick visual guidance when setting air pressure.

60 hour minor service intervals, 125 hour major service intervals. 

Easy to work on:
Designed to be serviced at home, no specialist tools required.

Positive air chamber: 
Works at a lower pressure compared to other shock designs. This puts less strain on seals so they last longer.

Negative spring:
A coil and air hybrid negative spring design increases initial sensitivity.

Compression switch:
3 positions - Open. Platform. Firm.

Compression Tuning System:
Smaller and lighter Compression Tuning System valves compared to our coil MOD shock. Three user-changeable options are included with the shock - gold (light), orange (mid), green (firm). 

A wide range of rebound adjustment is built in, so there’s no need for a specific tune to suit your frame.

Bladder membrane technology: 
The bladder design reduces friction and reaction time compared to an Internal Floating Piston design, this improves small-bump sensitivity and generates less heat for more consistent performance.

Bottom out bumper: 
Originally developed for our moto trials shocks, the polyurethane bump-stop allows you to achieve full travel without any harsh bottom-out.

Sponge-like volume spacers that allow tuning of mid- and end-stroke support. The same technology as used in our air forks, redesigned specifically for the Nebbia. 

Stroke adjustment: 
2.5, 5 and 7.5mm user-installable spacers allow the shock’s stroke to be changed with no specialist tools required.

Fits most frames. Standard and trunnion mounts. E-bike and clevis (yoke) mount approved.

Lengths available: 165x37.5(TR), 165x40(TR), 165x42.5(TR), 165x45(TR), 185x47.5(TR), 185x50(TR), 185x52.5(TR), 185x55(TR), 190x37.5, 190x40, 190x42.5, 190x45, 205x57.5(TR), 205x60(TR), 205x62.5(TR), 205x65(TR), 210x47.5, 210x50, 210x52.5, 210x55, 225x67.5(TR), 225x70(TR), 225x72.5(TR), 225x75(TR), 230x57.5, 230x60, 230x62.5, 230x65, 250x67.5, 250x70, 250x72.5, 250x75

472 g (210x55 mm)


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Engineered by Formula. Supplied by Elro.

We are proud to be the official UK distributor for Ride Formula. We only supply directly from the factory based in Italy, so you can ride easy knowing you have genuine Formula products.