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Brake Pads - Cura 4

Brake Pads - Cura 4

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The traditional Italian company Formula has been known for years for the high quality of its products. In order to meet this standard and always guarantee the highest performance, they also think of the smallest parts, as with these pads for your Cura 4 brakes.

Formula, used their experience in moto brakes to develop high performance brake pads for bicycles in three different compounds. The various compounds are compatible with all current model brakes and rotors making the change from one to another quick and easy.

Organic Compound : Softer feeling compound with good grip at low speeds suitable for all uses, very quiet in all uses but particularly suitable for cross country and enduro. In winter weather, rain and mud, keep an eye on friction material wear as these wear quicker than Sintered or Long Life compound.

Long Life Compound: Compound similar to organic but more resistant to wear, slightly less aggressive on braking at low speeds particularly suitable for E-bikes and park laps.

Sintered Compound: Harder feeling compound, more precise braking suitable for gravity use in general, very wear resistant and excellent for rain and winter climates, can be slightly noisy at low temperatures. Ideal for racers and big elevation drops.



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Engineered by Formula. Supplied by Elro.

We are proud to be the official UK distributor for Ride Formula. We only supply directly from the factory based in Italy, so you can ride easy knowing you have genuine Formula products.